Alopecia Diagnostic test

Skino Logixs considers that diagnosis is the basic necessary for a successful and permanent treatment of hair loss. In order to have this we create a process of diagnosis that yields an effective treatment.

Hair loss occurs due to various reasons and facts in an individual. Therefore to recognise and determine these affects, Skino Logixs includes four major component which includes psychological aspects, dermatological examinations, mathematical aspects and alopecia test before determining the appropriate treatment plan. These help to provide accurate and personalized diagnosis for all types of alopecia – hair and scalp disorders.

Therefore, Skino Logixs entails the components to holistically engage the process of treating different types of Alopecia.

How does Alopecia Diagnostic test work?

Add Your Heading Text HerThere is no worries to be scared of Alopecia, the thinning and shedding of hair follicles aren’t the end. Get the maximum use of Skino Logixs expertise to treat your hair damage. We use various methods that helps to determine your individual cause and effect of the loss occurred. e

Post the determination, the experts engage and explain the further treatment that would be helpful your particular care and treatment.


After reading many reviews i thought to give it a try for consultation for hair loss. Dr Dhruva was extremely patient and he explained all the details to me. He is a doctor who is not at all money minded. From my experience i can guarantee that u are in safe hands. I was convinced and went for the transplant on 10th june. His feedback was really honest and helpfull. The procedure was not at all painfull and Dr Druva did an excellent job in that.

Sambit sahoo

Doctor is very friendly, polite and well behaved. Firstly, I have hair loss problem, he explained why does it happen, gave the solution for it and now I am happy with result.

Chethan Kumar.l

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