Chemical peels

Chemical peels are procedures that use an acidic solution to address surface damage to the skin such as mild scarring. This is a method that involves major chemical aspect which would last minimum side effects which are catered by the surgeon.
Potential side effects include stinging, swelling and redness that could last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how strong the peel is. So, do not panic for the described procedure. Skino Logixs cares for your skin essentials and skin care.

How can a chemical peel help improve my skin?

It helps to reduce or remove age spots, blotchiness, or discoloration.
It helps to remove the smooth fine lines & wrinkles on the skin’s surface It minimizes or removes the acne scars or milder scars from a previous injury or surgery.
It helps to tighten & tone the skin and brighten the complexion of your dermal layer. It helps to remove keratosis or precancerous growths on the skin.

How it is administered?

Depending on the treatment, a peel will often be classified as light, medium, or deep. This refers to how many layers of skin are removed. This classification is a much personalised version, wherein it depends on the patient’s requirement after a deep analysis.
Light chemical peels will typically reach partially through the epidermis (the outermost layers of skin) Light peels can be safely applied by a trained, experienced aesthetician under the supervision of a cosmetic surgeon, and typically involve little to no downtime.
Deeper peels will reach further into the epidermis or even into the next layer, the dermis, and are recommended to address more advanced signs of aging, such as deeper wrinkles and extensive sun damage, or severe acne scars.
Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend a peel based on your skin type, the specific issues you want to address, and how deep the peel needs to work to achieve the desired results.
After the initial healing period following a chemical peel, some improvements will be immediately noticeable, brighter, tighter-feeling skin and a more even skin tone. However, most of the effects of a peel are cumulative and would require periodical treatment.

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