Vitiligo surgery

Are you suffering and hiding your skin because of the white patches? Don’t bother anymore. Skino Logixs aids you to have a Vitiligo free skin. Vitiligo (Leucoderma) in our clinic is diagnosed clinically by a doctor looking at the white patches presented over the skin. However, everything that looks white is not necessarily Vitiligo. Hence, our dermatologist (doctors specialized in treating skin diseases) conduct an analysis and evaluation of the white spots to assess the condition accurately using various tests.
From these analysis the expert would suggest an appropriate treatment to deal with the functioning of treatment. There are various surgical modalities to treat Vitiligo.

How is it administered?

The major goal to be achieved is the complete re-pigmentation and cosmetically matching the normal skin. The choice of surgical treatment depends on the patient’s extent of Vitiligo, the sites involved, the availability of equipment, and the expertise of the surgeon.
Various surgical methods includes tissue grafts and cellular grafts:

Tissue Grafting

Tissue grafts are full-thickness punch grafts, split-thickness grafts and suction blister grafts. With tissue grafts, only a limited surface area can be treated but with good results in the majority of cases. The following tissue grafting techniques have been advocated in the surgical management of vitiligo:

Punch grafting
Suction blister epidermal grafting
Split-thickness grafting
Other tissue grafting procedures

Grafting Cells

These methods represent important recent advances and need specialized training and appropriate equipment. The following cellular grafting techniques can be used for larger areas. They have been advocated in the surgical management of vitiligo:

Autologous, no cultured epidermal cell suspension
Autologous, cultured melanocyte transplantation
Autologous, cultured epithelial grafts

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