Direct Follicle Transplant is a process that involves restoring the lost hair back and the number of grafts or follicles. It is about a complete restructuring of a person’s face and bringing it back to its original form. Direct  Follicle Transplant technique is an advanced implantation technology that delivers natural-looking hair. In the DFT method, a specially designed instrument is used to extract the follicle and are implanted on the bald regions. Our Skino Logixs’ surgeons ensure better results for every single individual.

1. It does not leave any trials of scalpels, reception incisions or stitches.
2. The follicle is implanted in a specific depth, direction, and angle that will contemplate the natural growth of hairline for a long time.
3. DFT doesn’t require any additional care.
4. Post the Direct follicle transplant is completed the hair will start to grow after 2-3 months.
5. The implanted hair will keep growing throughout the lifetime.

How does direct Follicle Transplant work?
The DFT procedure will follow a set of standard techniques in order to guarantee safety, quality, and great results. These standards are predominantly maintained by our Skino Logixs’ expertise only. The DFT Process Includes:
Extraction of the Hair Follicle
The hair follicular units are extracted one by one from the donor area by using the most advanced semi-automated instruments. Most of the hair transplant surgery is performed by the assistant of the surgeon whereas the DFT procedure is predominantly performed by our MD dermatologist specialist surgeon to ensure maximum safety.
Preparation of the Scalp
The scalp is first prepared first by infusing PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) before implanting the follicles. The growth factor present in the plasma will act as a booster to the transplanted hair follicles.
The extracted hair follicle is segregated and then preserved in a liquid solution under a specific temperature which helps to enhance the growth post the implantation.
Implantation of the Hair Follicle
The hair follicle is implanted directly using DFT implanter by our hair transplant surgeon. The implanter enables to control of the angle, depth, and direction of the follicle to gain complete natural results with maximum density.

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