Radio frequency

Radio Frequency is one of the skin care treatments used in our clinic. It is a treatment for cellulite, firming and contouring the body. In this treatment a larger head is used on the radiofrequency machine and higher temperatures so that the facial fat begins to melt. It's used for softening fine lines, especially the nose to mouth lines. It is as well as suited as the best method for lifting the cheeks and tightening the jawline, which aids reducing wrinkles and ageing lines.

How does a radiofrequency work?

Radiofrequency is all about stimulating your own collagen production. During a treatment a machine is used to heat the skin to between 38-40 degrees with radiofrequency, which feels like a hot stone face massage – you do feel heat in the skin but it's comfortable. >
It takes approximately 30 minutes to treat a whole face and the only discomfort is some feeling of heat in the skin (which not everyone gets) and also there is no fear of downtime.
The beauty of radiofrequency is that it is suitable for most people - the depth of heating helps to firm, tighten and lift as well as reinvigorating skin for a healthy glow. Also the heating and melting of facial fat depends on the individual’s skin tone and texture. To get an over view of the proper and personalised information, doctor-client interaction is necessary and is also a key factor in our Skino Logixs clinic.
Henceforth, there is no fear of being scared about the procedures. Login in. you will be in safe hands!

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