Scar Repair Treatments:

Scars are the major reason for a poor hair growth in a particular region. These attribute to various reasons that have caused the scar marks. Whereas it is necessary to conceal and heal such segments of the hair. This helps to have a symmetrical hair growth that creates a required density. Skino Logixs majorly focus on this treatment where its focus on treatment lies on these two clinical features.

How does it work?

The process of scar repair takes place either by these procedures, which includes direct hair implantation and scalp micropigmentation (MPG) Direct Hair Implantation
Skino Logixs involves the hair implantation technique in order to fix the scars that are caused by FUT and FUE techniques’ hair transplantation procedures.
In this process, we first implant a bunch of hair follicles on the affected area to determine the survival condition of the follicles on the dead skin. Once the implanted hair follicles start flourishing in their new habitat, our surgeons proceed with the rest of the procedure which will be explained to the patient before the treatment.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (MPG)

It is a kind of a permanent cosmetic tattoo that mimics hair of a close shaved scalp. Scalp micropigmentation gives a person the look of a short buzz cut. This technique is ideal for treating male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, and scarring alopecia. Skino Logixs’ experts work with your natural hair pattern and different shades of pigment to achieve the most realistic and natural-looking hairline. This non-surgical treatment is suitable and effective for all types irrespective of stages of hair loss. The process includes two exclusive methods.

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