Beard restoration

Stop being worried about the beard patches and beard thickness. Skino Logixs aids to transplant hair to any part of the body and the face which aids to retain the natural beard hair. In order to maintain this, we pick hair follicles and transplant accordingly to match the facial hair. This process includes tracking and maintaining accuracy levels of the depth and direction of implemented hair.

How Does Beard Transplant Work?

Skino Logixs transplants hair to aid beard and moustache retention and adds to the natural look which includes certain key processes in the treatment procedure. These are a sequential process that includes, hairline designing, extraction, follicle counting and implantation.


Hairline Designing Skino Logixs is an expertise in designing and defining the symmetry of beard and beard line segment with customised entities of the patient likes and dislikes. Extraction

This technique involves extraction of hair follicles from the donor segment (usually extracted from back head region) where the follicles are matches to the facial hair to extract the natural essence. Follicle Counting Skino Logixs indulge the techniques of follicle counting which helps to identify the required amount of follicle unit to a region and aids to recognise the nature of follicle graft in order to have natural result and maintain the density. Implantation Skino Logixs uses this process to place the customised beard design in the region targeted post the processes of examination and extraction of required follicles.


Hi everyone,I had alopecia areata(near my beard chin). Doctor suggested few tablets, few ointments and a hair growth oil along with the Injection which he gave. It was very helpful as within 45 days I'm seeing positive results.Infact my friends want to consult him for their hair issues. Only bad thing is that I had a smelly feet and had taken a lotion here without seeing the expiry date. So the dry4sure lotion was a loss to me. Haven't still opened it though. Will give the clinic a visit again.

Yashas Shanbhogue

First and foremost I want to personally thank a lot to Dr dhurva Kumar. I had been for consultation with lots questions and almost spent almost 1:20min for all my questions which was been answered very poliety with justifaction answer. Dr Dhurva is very very confident about his nature of job he guided me with procedure and work flow will be followed. 

Nanda Kumar

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