Eyebrow restoration

Eyebrow is an essential part of our body. It is not only a beauty aspect but adds variant values to our facial expression as well as help in protecting the eyes. Therefore, Skino Logixs cares for your damaged eyebrows and restores its value and density through various forms.

How Does Beard Transplant Work?

Skino Logixs transplants hair to aid eyebrow restoration and adds to the natural look which includes certain key processes in the treatment procedure. They include eyebrow implantation and micropigmentation.


Eyebrow Implantation Skino Logixs extends this process by following certain processes which includes these important steps.

• The doctor designs the eyebrow region according to the patient’s custom and maintain symmetry of design.
• The required number of hair and follicle grafts are counted based on the density required. So, that the natural appearance is groomed.
• Extraction of hair follicles is done from the donor segment (usually extracted from back head region) in order to match the facial hair and follicles extracted.
• Then the collected follicles and hair segments are implanted to retain the eyebrow’s growth.

Eyebrow Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is one of the process that Skino Logixs applies to restore the eyebrow hair. This includes applied micropigmentation to the eyebrows region where the space of hair growth is empty or it is also used to fill the existing patches between hair densities. It is also used for instant high density eyebrows simulation.

Eyebrow Micropigmentation is not like the process of getting an eyebrow tattoo, and does not use materials from permanent makeup, even though it is using similar process. Skino Logixs use a nontoxic pigment, to perform the micropigmentation so that it offers an accurate simulation of short hair.

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