Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Skino Logixs helps to determine the scalp damages and aids to treat them through various methods. One such processing method is the Scalp Micro Pigmentation (MPG) process. We involve the application of specialised hypo allergic medical pigments to the dermal layer of your scalp, to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles
Our experts work with your natural hair pattern and different shades of pigment to achieve the most realistic and natural-looking hairline. This non-surgical treatment is suitable and effective for all types irrespective of stages of hair loss.


Eyebrow Density
Skino Logixs intervenes Micropigmentation application to the eyebrow area, either into completely hairless skin or between existing hairs. This treatment offers instant high-density eyebrow simulation.

Create a Density Effect
Scalp MPG helps patients with low hair density in case where the scalp is visible easily. In order to cover these visible scalps, Skino Logixs experts, inject these micro pigments under your skin, where it “colours” the scalp as a tattoo and decreases the skin/ hair contrast. This helps in adding instant density and visible volume to the visible scalp.

Supports Hair Transplant
Scalp MPG works exclusively well when the donor area is insufficient to create an optimum density. It gives a denser look which looks natural like that it blends with the existing hair.

Hide Scars
Many who have already undergone a hair transplant with older methods such as FUT (Strip) might have a scar on the back of the head. To heal these scars and rejuvenate the hair growth MPG is used.

Camouflaging Baldness
MPG allows to recreate the hair follicles on the head and mask the baldness on the scalp visible. In this feature MPG also conceals a small patch or a completely bald scalp.

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