Hair Prosthetics

Direct Hair Fusion (DHF) is one of the most advanced non clinical hair replacement procedure that is best suited for people with high grade alopecia.

The ‘hair replacement system’ is a fine, artificial, skin friendly membrane with breathing pores on which human hair follicles are woven, to match the density, texture, length and colour of existing hair. The process also is designed according to appropriate age and customised density.

How does Hair Prosthetics work?

The procedure starts with a measurement of the bald area and preparation of a mould of the bald area. We also take a small sample of the Patient's own hair, to ensure the system made for you exactly matches the scalp shape and existing hair, to give you 100% natural look.
Post to the determination and thorough examine of the hair density the collected mould is fitted into the bald space through the process of direct hair fusion method.


Custom Design
A customized ‘hair replacement system’ is made in acceptance of the client. This procedure endeavours many processes that could take a lot of time to create and build as desired.
Refusion - Placement
Once fixed, the Patient may experience a little bit of unease for first 3-4 days, but once adjusted, the joy of having totally natural looking permanent hair and a new desirable look is immeasurable. This procedure is equally beneficial for both men and women. Once fitted, you enjoy full freedom to wash, dry, comb and style your new hair, as you want.
Post Care
Once the fusion is made you need to maintain the system every 20-30 days. In order to have a healthy system you require a replacement of your skin every 8-12 months to retain the natural appearance.

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